Your Cape Cod National Seashore

We know that many of our guests visit the National Seashore and its Beaches.  Our rental properties are located in the MidCape-the middle of Cape Cod.  Race Point Beach at the tip of Provincetown is about 50 miles East.  Visit our Beach Guide to learn about the multitude of beaches on Cape Cod.  Every town has at least one Major beach and there are many smaller ones.  

The National Seashore has 6 Major beaches- Race Point Beach, Herring Cove Beach, Marconi beach, Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Light Beach, and Head of the Meadow Beach.  You may read more about the beaches in our beach guide, or follow the link at the bottom of this page which will take you directly to the National Park website.

There are three lighthouses you can visit by car, Highland Light in Truro, Nauset Light in Eastham, and the Three Sisters in Eastham-open for tours periodically.  Race Point Light, Wood End Light, and Long Point Light in Provincetown are accessible by walking over sand if you are physically up to the task.
This first video shows off the natural beauty of the national park -not sure of this specific location, but this is representative.

This second  video is of Marconi Beach.  The National Seashore also has hiking and biking trails.

Forty thousand acres of National Seashore, 40 miles of coastline, hiking, biking, beachgoing, visitor centers and more.  This video tells you a bit about the improvements that have been made in the last fifty years, and shows you a bit about what the off season is like.

Jean and I have visited the National Seashore  in April when the whales arrive, feeding on Plankton.  We actually saw 3 pods of  whales a telephone poles length off shore, breaching. (A whale leaping out of the water) Jean tried to get a picture, but her phone battery went dead. (I helped by laughting)  We have seen groups of Seals swimming by.  You just  never know what you might see.

Visit our (Your) Cape Cod Guide where you will learn where you can see Osprey’s,  Herons, perhaps an Egret. the Herring Fish when they are running, and more.


For more information, such as obtaining a  beach pass, visit the Cape Cod National Seashore Website by clicking the linkl below.  This link will take you away from our site, so bookmark us before you go.