Fishing on Cape Cod

You can private charter if you have enough people or deep pockets, visit Riverview Bait and Tackle for bait and gear. They know the best spots to fish from shore, or for a lower cost option take one of the larger fishing boats out of Hyannis.

Fishing on the Helen H

We had some guests at our property who took the Helen H

out of Hyannis, and they caught a whole bunch of Flounder a flatfish that tastes great.  Even better-they shared some with us! Fresh Fish. Yum!
Watch this video-its cute and will give you a good idea.  Helen H is about 2 miles away from our properties.

Gifts of fresh fish gratefully appreciated by ThatCapeCodGuy and his wife. LOL
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Riverview Bait and Tackle

Just 3 miles from our house not far from the Bass River Bridge is Riverview Bait and Tackle.  They have the stuff and know where the fish are. You can fish at Colonial Acres Beach near our property. They sometimes catch fish big enough to eat, but mostly I think its for fun. Kids also catch blue crabs from the bridge.  

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