Music on Cape Cod-You Love the Nightlife

There is a lot of local talent on Cape Cod even if its one guy playing piano in some restaurant.We will keep you up to date as it happen. Visit Your Cape Cod Guide link at the top of any page or click the button below,.

Cape Cod Melody Tent - Hyannis

Huey Lewis and the News playing at the tent in 2016.  The Melody Tent is theater in the round-the stage rotates.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The seating capacity is about 2300. Always a good time, and only 3 miles from our properties. Many good restaurants, casual to fine dining on Main Street Hyannis. Click the button to go to the website for upcoming acts. Bookmark us before you go.  

Jake Rooney's-Dinner and Dancing

Its March 23 and Jake Rooney’s has entertainment and a dance floor.  You can check the website for who’s playing.  Its a bit of an older crowd, and everybody dances like nobody’s watching. The food is good and one of there gimmicks is that you can cook your beef fore example on a stone grill, a very hot stone brought to your table.  I tried it, its great. But that’s optional. Nine miles East from our properties. This video does not show people dancing, but they do.

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